Testimonials From Our Current Customers Like You Are Important to Us!


Mr. Bush

I have nothing but praise from Filtropur air purification system. It does everything anyone could ask for and more! Within minutes you can smell the difference in the room with the air purifier. I also enjoy the air purifier being portable. I can move it to any room in the house. I am glad I bought two of them!

Mr. and Mrs. Valentine

Since we’ve received our Filtropur products, both adults’ living in the household have been breathing better, and in return, sleeping better. I was very pleased with our salesman’s’ sense of respect for our home and for us as well. His demonstration of the products to us helped give us a full understanding of how they worked. He also ensured that we were comfortable using the products ourselves before he left the home. I am glad we chose the products, and I will never purchase any other brands.

Thanks, Filtropur!

Mr. Finlayson

To Filtropur:

I am writing this letter to tell you how much I have gained from your product. I have COPD and I have problems breathing. Since I have been using your SFS I am breathing better, sleeping better and all around feeling better.

I run my two SFS (One Upstairs and One Down) 24 Hours a Day and I think it is one of the best investments I have ever made.

Thank You!

Happy Customers!

When I first heard about this purifier I thought "Here we go again, someone trying to sell something" To my amazement, soon after the conversation started with the sales rep, I wanted to know more. My husband had basically told him we were not interested, but I needed to hear more before I say no.

Long Story Short, we purchased one and began using it immediately and we love it. It really does make a big difference in our house as a family of 5. When you have 3 little ones running around, this purifier makes a big difference in the cleanliness and freshness of your house.

We like to use it in 'quiet' mode (low setting) in our living room to help with all the dust particles and pollution that aren't visible to the naked eye, it does make a sound but it's nothing overly loud nor annoying. We usually turn it off when we aren't home as well as at night.

Another thing that is so wonderful about this purifier is using it in the kitchen when I am cooking to help with smells. Depending what I cook, I turn on the purifier and leave it on all day just to help with the stench of food. (I Mean honestly, who want to smell pan fired fish all day?)

The purifier is not heavy and can easily be moved to any room I need it. I do it all the time and it has not killed me.... lol you might just build some muscles carrying several extra pounds from one room to the next. To be honest, it is somewhat heavier than an average TV remote. LOL.

So Yes, I love mine and NO I do NOT work for the company. I am just a happy customer and would recommend this product to anyone looking for a fresh clean house! You'll still have to 'clean’, but this makes it worth the time! :)

Realtor - Sarah

At first, I was skeptical about the Filtropur system. I have never really had much trouble with allergies but have always been sensitive to smells. I have several pets, and between their shedding and the natural dirt and dust that accumulates in my house, I knew I was breathing in bad air. After listening to the Filtropur presentation and having my air quality tested, I knew I needed to try this product. I purchased two air filtration systems and the cleaning system -- and since then, my house hasn't been the same!!! I can breathe easily, my house doesn't smell AT ALL, and I haven't been sick, congested or stuffy once since I have had the product. This is one of the best investments I have made, and I would highly recommend this product to anyone, but especially to allergies, dust, pollen, or animal dander. I cannot say enough about the Filtropur system!

Mr. and Mrs. Herman

My husband and I were in the market for air purifiers for our home. We were recently introduced to the Filtropur SFS Sanitizing Filtration System. Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information on this product on the internet. We did however find extensive positive information on the IQAir HealthPro Plus. This led to our decision of ordering an IQAir HealthPro Plus. We were later contacted by a Filtropur distributor. He believed that the Filtropur SFS was a great product and agreed to let us do our own independent test comparing the two products.

For our test, we chose two bedrooms of equal size located in the same area of our home. We flipped a coin to determine which purifier would be placed in which bedroom. We tested the particle count in each bedroom prior to using the purifiers. We turned off the ceiling fans located in each bedroom as well as the house fan. We then placed each purifier in the center of its room. We simultaneously turned the purifiers on their highest setting and closed the door to their room. We then let each purifier for approximately 1-1/2 hours checking their particle counts along the way. To our surprise, the Filtropur unit outperformed the IQAir unit.

Before Use

IQAir HealthPro 180

Filtropur SFS 210

At 20 Minutes

IQAir HealthPro 70

Filtropur SFS 100

At 50 Minutes

IQAir HealthPro 60

Filtropur SFS 60

At 90 Minutes

IQAir HealthPro 60

Filtropur SFS 45

The numbers above are the readings from the Laser Particle Counter. They are the readings of the 0.3 microns. These numbers would be multiplied by 1000.

As you can see, the Filtropur unit started with the highest particle count and after 1-1/2 hours of usage ended with the lowest particle count. Simply put, it more effectively cleaned our air. Due to these results, we purchased two Filtropur SFS units and Love them.

Dennis and Rhonda

We have had our Filtropur room air cleaner for a little over a year and love how fresh the room smells after running it, would recommend this product.

5 Stars

I own 3 of the air cleaners and a vacuum. Great group of people that service the machines and I am always well taken care of. The units have significantly helped my allergies. Highly recommend this company and their products.

Ms. Roberts

Just wanted to write a quick note to let you know how much I LOVE my SFS air purification system. It's by far the best I have ever used. I just live in a small 900 square foot cottage on an 8 acre pecan orchard. Even though I am live in a country environment; the inside air in my cottage is always clean and fresh--and the best part is that I rarely ever must dust! Thank you.

Pickinpaugh Family

I bought my vacuum and air filter system from a distributor about 7 years ago. At the time the carpet in my home was 4 months old. I also had a 4-month-old baby. When I used the vacuum on my brand-new carpet I could not believe what came out. I was horrified to realize that other store-bought vacuums only shred up your carpet fibers and push dirt and debris further down instead of picking it up. There was no way that I was going to let my son grow up in a house that only pretended to be clean.

Now it's 7 years later and we have all been healthy and allergy free. We have moved into a new house with my husband and stepson. When I first got to know my would-be stepson, who was 3 at the time, he always seemed to be sick with one thing or another. Sinus infections and allergies were the most common. After bringing my air filter and vacuum to the new house he has become a totally new kid. He no longer relies on allergy pills and cough medicine. I am so grateful to Filtropur for helping me keep my family healthy.

Mr. Toomey

We want to thank you (Filtropur) for the greatest system. The sfs filter is so effective that we own 5...yes five. We currently have one on loan to a neighbor that had a severe case of mold in their home. They had a professional company come in and remove the mold but still having problems, so we loaned one of our sfs units to them, they put in their bedroom and what a difference.... They breathe and sleep finally. Now they want to buy their own.

one other sfs unit is on loan to our daughter. They have an indoor dog and carpet. After using the filter for a week, they said how much cleaner the whole house smells... (I doubt we get that one back)

the other three... One upstairs in the hallway ... One down stair by mom’s bedroom (she is 92) really helps her breath easier... The last one is in the sunroom where we spend most of our time. I know these are expensive units but to us (and others) the health benefits make the cost seem trivial.

over the past few years we have had two warranty issues. The service department took care of both problems very fast. They sent a box, we put the sfs unit in it and shipped free via ups ... A few days later the ups returned the repaired unit... All repaired, cleaned and seems like new. I am very pleased.

I have just ordered my annual filter package for each filter and will be all set for another year. Thank you to the service dept.


Several months ago, I purchased one of your air cleaners and one of your sweepers for removing dust. I am sort of pleased with the air cleaners but then again, I am WELL pleased with the sweeper. It does a very good job of removing the dust from the room and carpets. I use it twice a week but lately I use the sweeper a lot less because its doing quite a job lately I don't use it as much. Its doing quite a job! I love the sweeper.