Filtropur 3000 Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning System


Changing the Shape of Cleaning

 The Filtropur 3000 Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning System is a powerful two-motor upright, offering lightweight convenience. Besides utilizing cyclonic action to separate the dust from the air, it will incorporate three different filter media to ensure a greater entrapment of particles. A patented filter cone, a pre-motor pleated cartridge filter and finally, a post-motor sealed absolute filter, allowing an amazing 99.97% allergen clean air to return to the room. 


The Filtropur 3000 Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning System Maintains Its Maximum Cleaning Ability at ALL Times:

 The most important key to the Filtropur 3000 Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning System design is that the canister always maintains a vertical position, which allows the cyclonic action to continuously keep the filter cone clean, maximizing airflow and providing greater cleaning ability at all times. 


4 Stages of Filtration:


The Filtropur 3000 Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning System features an exclusive patented Quad Cone-Conic Filtration System that utilizes 4 stages to ensure your cleaning system is providing the most efficient cleaning process available, sending only allergen-clean air back into your home. 

Stage 1 - 

Uses Cyclonic Action forcing dirt to the outside of the container. This keeps dirt and dust away from the filter cone maximizing air flow. This provides powerful cleaning ability.

Stage 2 - 

The Filter Cone removes down to 1-2 Microns in size.

Stage 3 - 

The Pre-Motor Safety Filter collects particles down to 1 micron in size, removing even more microscopic particles from your home’s environment. 

Stage 4 - 

Finally, the Sealed Absolute filter, allows an amazing 99.97% allergen-clean air to return to the room, providing the most efficient cleaning process available. 

Features And Benefits


On Board Attachments

The dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool are always at your finger tips for every source removal job. Hose stores at a compact 27” loop on the tool holder but expands to 13 feet so all the furniture in the room or a flight of stairs can be easily cleaned without moving the cleaning system. 

Hi-Lo speed switch

 Powerful suction for floors and carpet or gentle suction for upholstery or fine drapes. 

2 Motor Upright Design

The main motor unit provides powerful suction for deep surface cleaning. The power head motor rotates the 2 groove Chevron brush at 5000 RPM gently grooming your carpet.  

The Design of The handle fits comfortably in your hand and allows easy cleaning without shoulder, elbow or wrist strain.  Your Hypo-Allergenic Cleaning System stores under counters and has a convenient carry handle built into the top of the canister. 

Roller Brush off/on hard floor switch with Front and Side Edge Cleaning

Conveniently turn off the power head when moving from carpet to hard floors.  
All while cleaning close to base boards.

Power Brush

Wheels will not mark your floors.  Brush heads are fast cleaning due to wood brushes. Simple access to remove a clog. Positive power to the brushes, won’t stall out in thick plush carpet. With  
all sealed bearings keeping dirt out of the bearings for a longer life.

5 Year And 2 Year Limited Warranty with Lifetime Service Benefit

 Assures that you receive a quality product for reliable operation and a lifetime benefit after 5 years to replace either or both motors at a price not to exceed $89.50 for parts and labor.


Use and Care

Check out this great video from our sister company, AeroPure, to help you maintain your Unit for all the clean years to come!  

Filtropur 3000 User Manual and Warranty

 If you need additional copies or a replacement of the user’s manual for the Filtropur Indoor Air Quality System, just download the appropriate PDF file from this page below. Having the manual at hand can mean the difference between safe, reliable performance and the hassle of not being able to enjoy your unit. Please click the link below to find the information you require.   

Filtropur F3000 Commercial Owners Manual (pdf)




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