EnviroBreeze by Filtropur HVAC Filters



· 90% Average Arrestance Efficiency

· Static Charged combination of Woven Polypropylene and Non-Woven Polyester

· Stainless Steel Frame and Wire Reinforced

· 123 gm. Dust Holding Capacity

· Anti-Microbial Polymeric Protection

· Maximum Particulate Removal

· Washable…..Cleans in Minutes

· Lifetime Warranty!

5 Reasons To Keep A Clean HVAC Filter:


1. Maintaining Healthy Air Quality

This is particularly important if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma. Dirty HVAC Filters worsen the air quality and can exacerbate symptoms. If you have pets, it’s even more important because pet dander can accumulate in the system and spread allergens throughout the household. It’s an easy fix to replace your filter and prevent air quality deterioration.

2. Keeping Energy Cost Down. Save Up To $27.50 in energy cost a month or over $300.00 per Year.

When an HVAC filter clogs, the HVAC system has to work harder to force air around the filter, using more energy. When it requires more energy to make your heating and cooling work, it causes your energy bill to skyrocket. The Department of Energy says that the average household spends about $2,200.00 a year on its energy bills. When you consistently change you filter, you can save from 5% to 15% on your utility costs.

3. Protect Your HVAC Unit.

The most common reason a HVAC system breaks down is because of a dirty filter. As dirt accumulates, air can’t pass, or worse, the system overheats. The motor then has to work harder. In a best-case scenario, your unit would need to be repaired. In the worst case, if your unit is older, not replacing filters could put the unit over the edge and require you to buy a new one. Replacing the filter is an easy way to lengthen the life of your heating system.

4. Keeping your heating and cooling system Clean.

Dirt clogged up in the filter can lead to polluting the entire HVAC system. That means extra repairs, service and parts that you most likely haven't budgeted for.

5. A Peace of Mind

Replacing your filter is an easy, inexpensive step to take that can save you money and extend the life of your HVAC system all while improving and controlling indoor air pollution.


Use and Care

Check out this great video from our Sister company, AeroPure, to help you maintain your Unit for all the clean years to come!  

EnviroBreeze by Filtropur Warranty

 If you need additional copies or a replacement of the warranty for the Filtropur Indoor Air Quality System, just download the appropriate PDF file from this page below. Having the manual at hand can mean the difference between safe, reliable performance and the hassle of not being able to enjoy your unit. Please click the link below to find the information you require.   

EnviroBreeze by Filtropur Lifetime Warranty (pdf)